A more verbose bio than usual ... to really introduce myself.
Ursula Pieper started playing piano at age seven, after her elementary school teacher, Frau Nettelbeck, suggested it to her parents. She still remembers fondly her first teacher, Frau Yupitsch, who taught her the foundation of piano playing (practice, practice, practice), and of musical theory. She then went on to audition for the special music program at the local gymnasium, when she had her first sight-singing test, which she passed with flying colors. This meant having 6 hours of music classes as part of the regular curriculum for nine years. Ursula soon started to learn how to play Cello, and joined the school orchestra. She also participated as a frequent ringer in the orchestra of the local music school for children (Jugendmusikschule Hameln).

At age 17, Ursula went to a performance of the Verdi Requiem in Hannover, and joined a large choir the next day. With the "Hamelner Kantorei an der Marktkirche", she performed a large number of oratorios, including the Bach Passions and the Verdi Requiem. Ursula also joined the State's Youth Chorus of Lower Saxony (Landesjugendchor), where she was a member until she reached the age limit at age 27. During her university time in Munich, Ursula was singing with the Heinrich Schütz Ensemble München (Wolfgang Kelber), and the Chor von St. Anna (Christian Richter), while starting to study voice privately. Her singing activities, however, came to a halt when starting the PhD program in Chemistry at the University of Göttingen. After graduating, Ursula went on to live in Maryland, USA, for post-doctoral research. Again in the mids of a vibrant musical community, she sang with the lesbian and gay chorus of Washington and the vocal quartet je ne sais quois, resumed her voice studies at the Peabody Prep, and participated in several opera workshops with Richard Crittenden.

Ursula's subsequent singing activities are listed on the Résumé page. Today, Ursula works as a bioinformatics programmer at UCSF in San Francisco, and will sing in the San Francisco Symphony Chorus in the 2011/2012 season.

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